Bertolli® Olive Oils

Since its creation nearly 150 years ago in Lucca, Italy, Bertolli® Olive Oil has maintained an exacting standard of uncompromising consistency and quality. Bertolli®'s distinctive charm, old-world authenticity and incomparable taste perfectly complement today's contemporary cooking.

Unique in flavor, superior in quality and revered in recipes across the globe, Bertolli® is the number one olive oil in the world.

  • Extra Virgin

    Extra Virgin

    Bold. Distinct. Decidedly rich. The smooth, full-bodied fruity flavor elevates any recipe. Brilliant for dressings, basting, marinades, dips and sauces

    Smoke Point: 406°
  • Classico


    Traditional. Versatile. Magnificently mild. Accentuates the flavors of your favorite foods. The classic choice for sauces, sautéing, slow roasting, grilling and more

    Smoke Point: 460°
  • Extra Light Tasting

    Extra Light Tasting

    Subtle. Delicate. Delightfully understated. The clean, hint-of-olive taste enhances your favorite dishes without affecting their natural flavors. Exceptional for frying, sautéing, baking and even desserts

    Smoke Point: 468°

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