Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Rich, robust and distinguished by a deep green color, Bertolli® Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a special blend of select high-quality extra virgin olive oils "cold pressed" to ensure a naturally full-bodied fruity flavor.

Bertolli® Extra Virgin is so simple to use straight from the bottle. Just pour it on salads and pasta, add it to your marinades, hearty soups and sauces, or simply mix with cracked pepper and fresh herbs for a delectable dip.

For savory flavor that complements your favorite foods, add a splash of Bertolli® Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Nutrition Info

Smoke Point: 406° F
Smoke point is the temperature at which a particular olive oil begins to break down and burn. For high-heat cooking, such as sautéing and frying, try Bertolli® Classico and Bertolli® Extra Light Tasting for their higher smoke points.

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