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5 Tips for Pairing Wines with Food

Here are five tips to boost your Italian wine-serving verve the next time you need pairings for your plates.

  • A wine that’s firzzante, or sparkling, complements everything from red and cream sauces, roasts, and stews, to light vegetable platters and even your favorite pizza. In lieu of delicious (yet potentially pricey) Champagne, shop for Prosecco, Italy’s pre-eminent white sparkling wine. For a red sparkler, try a Lambrusco.
  • Like bold reds? Italian names to look for resembling your favorite Cabernet Sauvignon are Super Tuscans, Aglianicos, Valpolicellas and Amarones.
  • Though best known for its reds, Italy’s whites appeal to the most ardent Sauvignon Blanc fans. Top vino blanco varieties include the popular Pinot Grigio, Fruilano and Verdicchio.
  • If you prefer to drink your dessert, sherry-like Vin Santo is a perfect post-meal aperitif, as are the bubbly sometimes-sweet-sometimes-dry Moscato d’Asti and Brachetto.
  • When in doubt, stick with the basics. From food to fashion it seems like “anything goes” these days. But sometimes, tradition is a good thing … and traditionally, you just can’t go wrong serving bold red wines with beef and light whites with fish.