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5 Tips to Turn Every Day Gourmet

  • Warm plates to keep food hot longer.If your oven has a warming drawer, heat bowls or plates during those last 10 minutes before you serve dinner. If you don’t have a drawer, set your oven to 170 degrees and add dishes directly to the racks. Remember to use a potholder when removing them ... and don’t forget to warn your guests the edges will be hot.
  • Use wine glasses or goblets as water glasses. If all you have are tumblers and everyday glasses, just try to match them. Keeping everything unified will give the effect of a beautifully set table ... even if the glasses are as old as glass itself.
  • Dress up the edges of your dinner plates with a sprinkle of parsley, oregano or other favorite green herbs. If serving dessert, a dash of cinnamon, nutmeg or chocolate will also do the trick. Breaking up the space between your food and your dish’s edge makes even weeknight meals seem a little more special.
  • Consider switching from paper napkins to cloth ones. Your table will look more elegant, and your family will feel a little more luxurious as they wipe their faces with something other than paper.
  • Eat with people you love. You’ll be sure to spark some smiles and laughs … and most important, some steady conversation that will bring you all a little closer.