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5 Tips On Cutting

  • Gadgets come and go, but nothing replaces a high-quality chef's knife. They're expensive, so do your research. Look for one that's not so heavy that you'll fatigue after repetitious chopping and not so light that it feels flimsy.
  • Placing the palm of your other hand at the top of your knife while chopping keeps the blade steady on the board and helps you chop faster.
  • Opt for safety over speed. When it comes to knife skills, fast doesn't mean better. Concentrate on uniformity rather than moving quickly.
  • Keep your cutting board in place as you cut. Keep slightly warped boards still with a kitchen towel placed underneath. The added resistance will help you chop safer.
  • Devein and de-seed bell peppers fast by slicing off the four sides, whole. The white pitch will be avoided and you won't waste as much of the pepper as you would by pulling out the seed core separately.