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5 Plating Tips & Tricks

  • Plain white plates are the perfect canvas for all foods. Play with shapes and sizes—you can never go wrong with simplicity.
  • We eat with our eyes, so when plating food, contrast and complement your colors. For example, offset steak's dark color by slicing to showcase its pink or red center. Then serve it with brightly colored vegetables like greens, carrots or squash for vibrancy.
  • When cooking green beans, slice the tips off at an angle, rather than straight across. This simple trick boosts the beans' presentation no matter how basic the dish.
  • Peas are popular in pasta dishes. Whether using frozen or fresh, add peas at the end of a recipe's cooking time. They'll maintain both their sweetness and bright color and won't turn into mush.
  • The rule of thumb for garnishing is to represent a flavor in your dish. If you added citrus juice to your sauce, top your finished plate with a lemon or orange peel. Does your soup feature parsley? Drop a few fresh leaves on top. And remember: less is more.