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5 Pasta Prep Tips

  • Raw vegetables can substitute for pasta. Use a spiralizer to cut zucchini or squash, then top with your favorite Bertolli® Sauce for an elegant way to replace traditional noodles.
  • A big difference in pasta types is cooking time. Fresh pasta cooks much faster than dried. After about 3 minutes in boiling water, check fresh pasta to see if it's done.
  • Don't add salt to your water until after it's come to a full boil. Salting too early will actually delay boiling. Plus, the hotter the water, the quicker it will dissolve.
  • Pasta prepared for baked dishes needs less time in the water because it will be cooked twice (boiled then baked). Boil until just flexible but still quite firm.
  • Don't rinse pasta while it's draining unless your recipe calls for it. The leftover starch helps sauce cling to noodles. The only exception to this is with wide pasta, which won't separate easily if it's not rinsed.